The Red CentreNATS is a major event that is held in Multiple Venues in Alice Springs. The event is suitable for car enthusiasts and is considered the ultimate festival of wheels. Australian and New Zealand brewers showcase a wide variety of beers and ciders you can try. The music is live throughout the festival, and it creates a lively vibe as people eat and drink and experience the beautiful and warm community hospitality. There is street food available and more sophisticated cuisines to accompany the great drinks available. Other activities are fun competitions, photo booths to take quirky photos, and games for kids in sideshow alleys. The whole family will enjoy the food, drinks, activities, and music.

The Hamilton Island Hilly Half Marathon is part of the Hamilton Island Endurance Series, an annual Triathlon event in the scenic Hamilton Island. The race includes a half marathon, a relay race, and shorter distance races that the whole family can participate in. The half marathon course takes place over paved roads, walking trails in the hilly parts of the island, and over beach trails. The shorter races take place over flat courses, which makes them easier for children and amateur runners. The annual event takes place in the earlier part of the year, making the weather perfect for running. There are eateries and other activities such as golfing at the island after you finish the half marathon.

The Brisbane Marathon Festival is an annual event that attracts families and individuals from Brisbane, other Australian cities and hosts some international visitors. The course showcases the best of Brisbane with views of South Bank, Story Bridge, and finishing at River stage. Typically held in the mid part of the year, the marathon festival features 2 km, 5 km, 10 kms, and half marathon and total marathon runs. The run attracts seasoned runners, amateurs, and community residents who enjoy the scenic course. They are pacesetters for the half and full marathons who help runners achieve their ideal fish time. Every participant who completes the race receives a small token: a medal and a shirt or a branded singlet.

Are you ready for one of the most delicious events in Australia? Roll up your sleeves, pile your plates high, and get your seat at the table this year at the annual Taste Bundaberg Festival! The Taste Bundaberg Fest lasts 10 tasty days and will leave you with unforgettable memories from foodie paradise! Bundaberg is famed as the home of Queensland's most iconic flavours. Enjoy Bundaberg Rum, Bundaberg brewed drinks, and so much more. This region was built on the back of agriculture! Supplying over one-quarter of Australia's freshest produce, Bundaberg is the place to be for deliciously fun thrills and fine dining. You won’t regret making The Taste Bundaberg Festival a focal point of your annual calendar. This event offers food tourism as you have never experienced it before! Located in the Bundaberg region of the Southern Great Barrier Reef, come and get a taste of Queensland culture and flavour yourself!

  • Birdsville Simpson Desert National Park Road Birdsville, QLD in BIRDSVILLE, QLD

Birdsville Big Red Bash is a one-of-a-kind concert held in the remote area of Simpson Desert National Park Road, on the edge of Simpson Desert. The music festival takes place over three days and is typically hosted in July annually. The festival is family-friendly, and you can bring your pets. There is a camping ground in Birdsville that enables attendees to experience the real Australian outback in the desert expanse. The musicians featured are Australian stars and breakout talents, and some international artists. The unique thing about this music festival is that it takes place on the Big Red, a forty-metre-high dune, one of over 1,000 dunes of the Simpson Desert. It forms a picturesque background for the music concerts that take place.

The 7 Cairns Marathon and Community Run Festival is an annual run festival held in the North part of Queensland. The course is for 5-kilometre, 10 kilometres, half a marathon and full marathon races. It is a family-friendly race. The marathon is held over the spring months, which makes the weather pleasant for this fun run and the reason for the high attendance. The view is beautiful at this time of the year, which makes the run more enjoyable. The festival is a community affair, and the money raised supports selected charities in the region. The race is open to families, and the short races are designed for younger participants, while the long marathon runs are designed for fit runners ready to take on the challenge.

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