WOMADelaide is a four-day festival held every year at various park venues in Adelaide. The music event features musical artists from Australia and different parts of the world. The concerts, demonstration workshops, and art and music talks feature over six hundred artists and musicians who perform over a series of concerts. The fiesta of culture, music, and art includes dance performances from various cultures and eras, both modern and traditional. The event that attracts music lovers from all over Australia also has food booths with a wide range of culinary offerings and alcoholic drinks and beverages for all people. It takes place at the Botanic Park but more recently has moved to Kind Rodney Park. The festival is designed to showcase as many genres of music for the attending music lovers.

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Adelaide Fringe is an annual arts festival held in Adelaide. As attendees fondly referred to it, the Fringe takes place over thirty-one days in the summer. The event takes place over days and nights in various locations. These locations range from theatres and fields from Whyalla to Mount Gambier. The arts event has a circus with all sorts of magical acts, cabaret and theatre. Other events are comedy shows, music concerts, workshops, visual arts and children's theatre. The art festival has over six thousand artists and performers from all art genres, and the performances take place in over three hundred venues. The over twelve hundred shows are family-friendly, with food booths and fun activities for the children. The live entertainment that takes place throughout the festival ensures the atmosphere is lively and enjoyable, with activities for all age groups. Some of the highlights of the festival are the elaborate cabaret shows and performances.

Adelaide Festival, also known as Adelaide Festival of Arts, is an annual cultural event typically held in March. The event is one of the most significant cultural festivals globally, and it takes place at the Adelaide Festival Centre. The events include the opera with Australian and international stars. Other featuring acts are theatre, cabaret, musical shows, classical and contemporary music performances. Other performances are literature, visual art, new media, and so many others. The festival runs for two weeks and features workshops and other cultural activities that are a cultural lover's dream. The festival is child-friendly, with artistic activities prepared for children of all ages. There are performances carried out by school-going children as well as professional ones by the adult performers, which encourages all types of artistic expressions. There are food booths and drinks available as you wander from one event to another.

Adelaide Cabaret Festival is a grand affair with over three hundred artists who participate in over two hundred performances over the festival's two weeks. The annual arts festival that features cabaret as its main art form is held in June annually. It is the biggest cabaret event globally, with performers attending from all over Australia and occasionally international artists. The show is not only for cabaret acts, and there are some alternative performances such as dance shows and spoken word. These alternative acts shake up things, but the true passion of the festival, cabaret musicals, is maintained. There are some lovely moments with awards and tributes handed out for great shows, performances, and legendary performers. The cabaret festival takes place at the Adelaide Festival Centre.

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The South Australian Living Artists festival, known as the SALA festival, is a visual art festival to celebrate artists in the Southern Australian region. The local artists hold artwork exhibitions in various venues, including galleries, cafes, famous restaurants and even the cemetery. Artists who use multiple mediums and produce different art forms showcase their artwork in the August-based event. Featured artists can participate in competitions that have cash prizes. A program of multiple exhibitions is on the official website, and some artworks are displayed simultaneously in various venues. To be able to experience all the different displays, it is prudent to get the program. Art lovers can purchase the art on display as per the wishes of the artists. The participating artists are mostly Southern Australian, but the occasional artists will be from other Australian regions.

The Royal Adelaide Show is an agricultural show held annually at the Adelaide Showground. It showcases animals with over sixty competing categories of pets, livestock animals, vegetables, and plants. The festival also has musical concerts and performances, exhibitors of various goods and competitions. The competitions are for the displayed animals, plants as well as the festivalgoers. There are many other family-friendly activities. There are carnival rides at the children's area and adult rides, show bags from various companies sold at a small fee, and several food kiosks and booths selling everything from full meals to ice cream parlours and alcoholic drinks in select areas and beverage booths. The show is an event that caters to the exhibitors who have as much fun as the attendees. The children's activities are educational as well as being extremely fun and engaging. There are quirky and fun competitions such as the woodchopping competitions for adults and junior art, craft, and design competitions, amongst so many others.

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