Targa Tasmania is a tarmac rally event held in Tasmania. It is an annual event that takes place over six days, and the format is in six legs over the five days. The route remains the same, but slight adjustments may occur for every year's competition based on the city roads. Targa Tasmania began in 1992, and every year, certain sections of the road are closed off for the race. The race is demanding and risky, with changing weather conditions and winding routes that strain even the most professional drivers. However, the beauty of the Tasmanian landscape completes the daredevil racing route. The race is two thousand kilometres long, and there are competitive and non-competitive race and touring events. The exciting event is named after the Targa Florio, a similar motoring event held in Sicily.

Dark Mofo is a winter festival created by the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA). It is a night-time event with many art forms, such as music, art displays, film, and dance performances that examine ancient and modern mythology. The highlights of this festival are the displays and stage creations that musicians use to magnify their stage presence and enhance their performances. The virtual artistic creations are jaw-dropping yet very creative, which makes the musical event stand out. The southern winter solstice celebration event has strong Tasmanian Gothic influences in the art and performances throughout the festival. The musicians featured are international and local, with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra always featured. The nude solstice swim, the ogoh-ogoh parade, and burning on the solstice night are some of the dark activities of the one-night event.

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The Festival of Voices, also known as The Tasmania Festival of Voices, is a long event held every year for two weeks. The activities include live musical performances, cabaret performances, forums and workshops, and sing-alongs led by various musical stars. The concerts are held in multiple venues in Tasmania, such as Tasmanian Bushland Garden in Buckland and the Federation Concert Hall in Hobart. The music concerts feature a wide range of music genres, from hip hop to classical music. One of the most attended Festival of Vices events is The City of Hobart Big Sing Bonfire at Salamanca Place, where the audience sings along to various songs. The sing-along caters to all age groups, which makes it a fun family event.

The Huon Valley Mid-Winter Festival is a celebration of the apple picking season in Huon Valley in Tasmania. The festival is a food-based event where food vendors, breweries, and cideries will have the very best of their products in the three days that it is on. The festival is based on an old pagan ritual that involves going to the apple orchards and reciting incantations, singing to the trees, and chasing away any evil spirits to ensure a bountiful apple harvest. Apart from the delicious food options and drinks, activities such as effigy burning open the festival. Other events in the festival include lots of entertainment and music from musicians and bands, costume competitions with cash prizes, storytelling with wild tales shared, and banging pots and pans during the festival. The atmosphere is a carnival with people enjoying great music, food, and company.

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Agfest is an agricultural field day that showcases animal and plant products to the audience that attends. The show that takes place in Carrick is an event that focuses on farm produce. The Tasmanian festival is one of the most premier agricultural fairs and takes place over three days. The fun activities in this event include costume contests for people best dressed in agricultural designs, cattle handling, and competitions on the best animals and plant produce. The family-friendly event has plenty of food stands, drinks and beverages, and ice cream to cool down the attendees during the warm spring months. The event is typically hosted during the spring months. Other activities are the heritage display of traditional Tasmanian people, sheepdog trials, an agricultural art competition for teenagers, and a horse show. Tasmania is known for its agricultural strength, and Agfest is a celebration of the farmers and a way to bring the community together to enjoy its rich agricultural culture.

Effervescence Tasmania Sparkling Wine Festival is a wine tasting festival with exhibitions from many different Tasmanian wineries. The wine festival is designed for winemakers to share their knowledge and the attending wine enthusiasts. The event carries out masterclasses, dinners, and lunches where the featured wines are paired with appropriate meals. Visitors from Tasmania and nearby locales attend the increasingly popular wine event with activities such as a public wine tasting, a mimosa and yoga session, a Grand Tasting, a Bubbles and Beats session, which is a wine-drinking event with lots of music and live entertainment. The atmosphere throughout the festival is fun and inviting. Other activities are hosting shows such as comedy shows headlined by well-known comedians as the wine tasting continues. The view of the outdoor event area is breathtaking of the rolling Tasmanian hills. The event provides an opportunity to taste wines that may not be readily available to the public.

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