St Kilda Festival is a free music festival that showcases some of Australia's biggest and most loved musical talents. It is hosted in St. Kilda at the beachfront. Apart from the incredible music performances, there are dance performances, workshops, food stalls, sporting activities, street music, and art stalls. There are also carnival rides, roving entertainment, and a children's section, which has games, face painting, and other fun activities. St Kilda Festival is recognised as one of Australia's largest and longest-running cultural events and draws a large crowd annually. The festival format will change depending on the year's theme, but you are sure to experience plenty of fun, music, and artistic performances.

The Port Fairy Folk Music Festival is a folk music festival. The event lasts for four days and is historically held on the long labour weekend and features music artists from different genres of music. The music festival features local and international musicians. The attendees are treated to folk music, roots, and blues from renowned musicians and new and upcoming artists. The performances are held on one main stage. The music concerts are the festival's main attraction, but there are food stalls, games, and other activities for children. The shows take place for most of the day. The festival started as an Irish folk music festival and has remained true to its roots. It is a bridge between the golden oldies’ folk songs and more modern hits from Australia and the world. This is the festival for music lovers looking to reminisce or even enjoy music from all eras.

The Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix is one of the foremost racing events in Australia. Melbourne hosts the kick-off of the Formula 1 racing season with the Australian Grand Prix. The races are the climax of the event, but so many other activities and entertainment take place over the week. There are music concerts that are held throughout the event, Fan Zones, where fans get to meet their favourite Formula 1 racers, car displays, and breathtaking aerial displays. There are food stalls and sale points for drinks and music playing throughout. The events take place at the Albert Park Lake, which has a great view. You can also visit beaches that are near the race track or walk through the city’s landmarks or visit some of the great eateries there.

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is the largest Australian comedy event. It is held annually and features stand-up comedy, sketches, songs, and performances from Australian comedians and international ones. The comedy event takes place over four weeks and takes place in various venues in the city. The comedy festival is for people 15 years and older because it often has strong language, sexual material, and references that can be offensive. The second-largest international comedy festival globally holds as many as six thousand performances, some of which are free. Some popular sessions are The Great Debate, a comedic debate, and the Opening Night Super Show, a definite crowd puller. There are age-specific segments with female comedians on the Upfront segment, Raw Comedy, an open mic competition, and an Indigenous Australians open mic competition. The festival delivers on laughter and fun.

The Grampians Grape Escape is a food and wine festival in the beautiful Grampians region. It is a showcase of wines from the area and fresh local produce, and wine tasting is the main feature of this event, lasting for two days. The wine and food are not the only things available for festival-goers, and there are beers, ciders, and different cuisines. There is live entertainment from various music bands and performers. There are kid's activities that include climbing a rock wall, games, seeing the native wildlife and learning some facts, and many more. One of the highlights of the festival is the wine auction that takes place. The wine, which is unique as it is not available anywhere else, goes for premium prices with tastings held before the auction to know what they are bidding on.

The Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix hosted in Phillip Island is a racing sporting event that hosts riders from all over Australia and the world. The track has spectacular views of the coastline and is one of the fastest in the world. The race takes place over a weekend. The race is the main event, however, there is entertainment, food stalls, and drinks available at the location. After the adrenaline of the day, you can unwind with your mates as you listen to some music. Phillips Island has hosted the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix for many years and remains one of the most scenic routes for this sporting event. The spectator seats are near the track, which provides up and closes experiences where the action is. Phillips Island also has some great must-visit spots and hosts the largest penguin colony in the world. While there, you can experience the Penguin Parade from the viewing platform. This is when the birds waddle to the ocean.

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